A Traveling Pop Punk GirlĀ 

A map of where I have been.

Ah Yo, It’s Alex

alexHi, my name is Alex. I am traveling America and wanted some way to have contact with people. Technically, this is like talking to myself but it let’s me de-stress after working.

If you want to learn a little bit more about me click on my face. Honestly, an about me page is nothing but a self-love webpage.

Mi Blogs


-Louisiana –

August 25th- September 1st

Cities: Shreveport, Monroe, Lafayette, New Orleans


– Alabama –

September 2th – September 6th

Cities: Altmore, Monroeville, Montgomery, Prattsville



-Maine –

September 6th – Septemeber 23rd

Cities: Rangeley, Farmington, Augusta