Day 2: Ron Swanson is from North Louisiana


*Side note: the man from yesterday was not as pure of heart as I thought. I woke up with a ‘hey beautiful, hope you’re doing well babe’ text. He then proceeded to text me all day long with no response about him golfing and how he wanted pictures of me because he thought I was catfishing him.*

Second day’s seem to be infinitely better. Like in high school, on your second day that is when you get the feel of things. Like your new teachers, the friends you could make, and if you really needed that sparkle pen set.

That is kind of how it was for me. I jumped in and now, I felt like I could handle anything. Still camping in northern Louisiana in Minden. Found this amazing spot out there called Beaver Lake. If anyone wants to go there, I highly suggest it. Because A freaking 1.


Camping is $9.50 with a pass, and you wake up on a lake (hopefully not as humid as I went). I did yoga in the morning and my whole pre-mediation that puts me in the right headspace. This seems kind of odd, I know but it has helped me focus and pull my thoughts together. I visited the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum, which was awesome. A little pricey for my taste but it went to Gibsland Historical Foundation.

 I will through my ass in a circle for any historical foundation.

I found a cute little dinner, Bon Temps, in a gas station. The line was out the door and no seating. I ended up having to sit at the end of a table with some cool guys. They didn’t say much the moment I sat down but posi vibes, right.

The rest of the day was devoted to working. This means me moving about 100 times in 7 hours because I can never sit and work. At one of these points I was outside my tent, working on a newsletter, when this guy came up to me and just sat right there. Now, I am from Texas and shyness is strange to me but this was different.

He starts talking as if we know each other and honestly, he was an interesting man. He told me how he put his kid’s through LSU and they are finally understanding what it means to not be “sucklin his teat” (his words). And then he asked if I was political.

I could feel myself shrinking but said yes, I keep up pretty well.

“Oh, well I’m guessing you’re one of them liberals”.

“Yes sir, I would consider myself that.”

We then had a thirty minute conversation about our beliefs mostly politically. It ranged from government handouts, welfare programs, to immigrant policies. We never yelled and we both made concessions. At the same time, I did have to steer conversation away when it became a stalemate, like when we talked about ICE.

But by the end of the conversation,

“You’re too smart to be a liberal. Are you sure you won’t consider being a Republican?”

“No sir, I have to many differences to ever be considered that.”

He then invited me for supper at his camper, with his family and said goodnight.

Then about an hour later, the park ranger pulls into my campground driveway and comments on my cooking. Veggie burgers, broccoli, and potatoes.

He kept saying, “I’m a meat and potatoes only type of man.”

The questions weren’t long and he did not stay there for awhile but he did have a lasting impact.

“Where you going?”

“Heading up to New York right now.”

“I could never go there.”

“You want to know why?”

“Because of all them damn fagg*** living up there. I couldn’t handle watching them with purses on their arms.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I am looking forward to going up there. I find Northerners to be more accepting.”

Turning my back, I busied myself with some cooking. I just could not get over the difference in these two men. Both obviously Southern, both about the same education level, but one who was respectful and the other who was a park ranger. Wild is all I could say.

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