Louisiana: The Creole Diaries

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steve-johnson-789807-unsplash1: Guess it really is a hot hell in Shreveport

First day and my starter went out, got lost in Shreveport and had a weird experience with an older gentleman “trying to help”. Cool beginnings to my trip


bonnie&clyde2: Ron Swanson is from North Louisiana

My first nights were on a campground. Surprisingly, mosquitos were not a menace. It was the Louisianan men who wanted to talk politics. Also, view my obsession with Bonnie and Clyde.

3: Lafayette, Isn’t That The Guy From True Bloodlafayettesign

My day of traveling and hitting 5 different Louisiana cities. I mean, you can do most of Louisiana in a day.



4: Louisiana Doesn’t Work On A Sunday, But I Do

The city of Lafayette was dead on a Sunday but I was determined to make it a normal Sunday; so church and brunch, right?

New Orleans Travel5: The Time I Accidentally Walked Into A Strip Club In New Orleans

My first night in New Orleans, wouldn’t be complete without Bourbon Street. I decided to go big or go home, with the safety net of a friend.


I Spent 2 Days Recovering And Now I’m Ready New Orleans

coffee shops new orleans

I may not have remembered I can’t take shots like I used to but it’s time to explore the coffee shops and do non-alcoholic things (if any) in New Orleans.


boobsDon’t Go To Bourbon Street Sober

This weekend was Southern Decadence and I still wanted to be a part of the New Orleans life, even if I couldn’t look at a drink. Found out Bourbon Street isn’t a place sober people should be after 10 p.m.



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